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Call me Sid.

I am a designer and researcher with 5 years of experience and a background in Advertising and Marketing with a degree in Business Management. I am currently pursuing my Master’s of Arts degree in Design Management (Information technology project management) at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

I’ve helped organisations innovate & grow by leveraging design thinking and approaching business challenges through a human-centered design lens. While I have successfully managed multi-disciplinary teams in different sized organisations, I want to further enhance my design thinking skills and potentially lead design research teams in future.  


My philosophy on design is that it is fundamentally about making decisions with contextual understanding that balances customer desires and needs with business priority and value. Creating lasting and meaningful experiences by interpreting and understanding what and how users connect with each other and with services.


After being exposed to various ethnographic research methodologies, I decided to focus on deep empathy for all stakeholders and creating sustainable solutions that impact positively now and in future and help in reducing externalised costs, as part of my research process.


Deep empathy




Inclusive design


I had the pleasure of working with Sidhant when he was servicing the brand for which I was working as a Marketing Manager. Considering his age & experience at that time I was amazed at his skillsets, the valuable inputs & feedback which he provided on the brand, his deep understanding of the consumer & requirements of the brand. He not only had a great sense of design and creativity but also kept in mind the business objectives while designing Marketing Collaterals & Print Campaigns for the brand. I look forward to working & collaborating with him in the future & wish him the very best for a promising career ahead.

Marketing manager TIRUN
Royal Caribbean Cruises, India 

Fast, accurate, enthusiastic, handles work pressure like we haven't seen before (like really good!), likes to think along, is not afraid to do things that are not in his job profile, likes to wear several hats in one day, creates atmosphere in the team, nice to work with, but above all: Sidhant is very good at making presentations. To visualize tough theory-material in very interesting and nice to look at images and readable content. It did hurt when he decided to leave, but we are happy that he left for the US to develop his skills even more.

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Jolene prins
Managing Director
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